The Zone

A Soviet Dystopian LARP


After the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant disaster, the government walled off The Zone of Alienation to protect its citizens from radioactive fallout. The military heavily patrol the borders and officially, no one enters or leaves the Zone. Years after the initial incident, rumors abound that there was no nuclear disaster at all, but the power plant was used as a coverup for something far more sinister. Strange lights can be seen above the Zone at night, and mysterious, highly valuable radioactive artifacts have begun to appear on the black market, smuggled out of the Zone. Outcasts, mercenaries, scientists, and adventurers flock to the Zone, seeking fortune, freedom, and discovery. The Station is their base camp, the first stop for rookies to find sanctuary after sneaking or bribing their way past the military checkpoints. The Zone is filled with hazards, radiation, strange mutated creatures, and patches where reality itself seems warped and the familiar laws of physics no longer apply. A frontier land, the Zone is perilous and often deadly but is a strange kind of sanctuary for the people who call it their home.

More coming soon.