The Zone

A Soviet Dystopian LARP


When and where will this game take place?
18-20th September, Spring of 2020 in Victoria, Australia, 1.5 hours drive out of Melbourne.

What are some of the inspirations for the game?
This game draws heavy influences from Metro 2033, STALKER, Annihilation, Roadside Picnic and others.

I’ve never played any of the STALKER games before, is that a problem?
No. All the information you need to know about the world will be included in the player briefing materials. The game draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including the 1979 Russian film of the same name the video games were based on. Although there are similarities, this game will have an original storyline and no knowledge of any of the source material (or 20th-century Russian history) is necessary.

Where will the game be set?
The story will take place in the ruins of a remote township within the Red Forest, the area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant within the Zone of Alienation. The game exists in a fantasy alternate universe timeline similar to our world in which the USSR was never dissolved. The Zone itself is akin to an isolated, small-scale localized apocalyptic wasteland.

How long is the event?
Over a weekend, non-stop gameplay from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
There will be limited NPC activity overnight, and we encourage people to get sufficient sleep.

What system will the game use?
It will use a real-time combat system with Nerf blasters and LARP weaponry. It will be an immersion-driven narrative event and players will be expected to stay in-character within in-game areas.
Play will be ‘what you see is what you get’ focused as much as possibe.

Are modded and painted Nerf blasters allowed?
Yes. Rules for allowavle performance mods are pending.
Nerf blasters should be painted appropriately.

What year will the game be set in?
The game will be set in the year 2001, the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant disaster. Consumer technology has stagnated in this world and is roughly equivalent to the early ’90s in ours. Access to consumer goods in the USSR is severely limited.

What happens when my character dies?
To encourage high-stakes gameplay, death is permanent. Players will have the option of rejoining the game as an NPC if their character dies.
There will be no coup de gras or finishing blows in this game.

What facilities will be available?
Players will need to bring bedding, cutlery and plates. There will be toilet and shower facilities on site.
Players can choose between shared dorm-style cabins, and bringing their own tents. Spring can be quite cold, especially at night so prepare accordingly.

What meals will be provided?
Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sunday: breakfast, lunch
Some light refreshments will be provided between meals. Players are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and snacks. Fridge space will be available for those that need it.

Age restrictions?
This will be an 18+ event, alcohol-free event.

Do I need a bad fake Russian accent?
The majority of the residents of the Zone will be citizens of the USSR but its mysteries attract people from all around the globe. Accents are encouraged.

I have concerns about the content, will I still enjoy this game?
The game will have serious adult themes for all and may include grief and loss, addiction, state violence and horror.
If you have any concerns potentially distressing content please contact us so we can help you make an informed choice about participation.

Please note: Sexual content will not be a theme in this game. Non-consensual sexual content is strictly off limits.

Isn’t Pripyat is in Kyiv oblast, not Chelyabinsk?:
In our world yes, but things are a little different in the Zone.